ITC-Systems T-6222 Digital AM/FM Tuner


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* 1U tabletop and rack mount design with aluminum alloy panel.

* Clearly visible LCD display, microcomputer control and touch-button operation.

* FM / AM two-band receive option, FM receiving frequency: 76MHz ~ 108MHz, AM receiving frequency : 520KHZ ~ 1708KHz.

* Radio frequency automatic search and memory function, memory up to 99bands, and a power off memory function.

* Using vehicle dedicated digital radio module, integrated radio tuner module ,with a small size good performance and strong anti-interference, etc.

* Support infrared remote control.

* 1 channel audio signals left and right channels (L / R) output.

* Built-in high-fidelity wideband monitor speaker, sound full and clear.

* A monitor with adjustable volume knob.

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Størrelse 484 × 209 × 44 mm



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